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- Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley -

The Outreach has added another dimension. The children see the effect of singing on others. They see a purpose for singing that is not just entertaining. Outreach is a social occasion for the students. This program is non-elitist. It is for everyone and includes all students. 

Workshops and Lectures

Teacher Training Workshops

and Lectures

Through the MEP, Dr West and her colleagues have been training teachers in the Australia and overseas since 2000. The program has developed a range of training courses, coaching, and in-school support in consultation with teachers and schools. The needs of schools and their teachers have changed over the last 15 years, and the MEP courses have reflected those changes.

Individuals, schools and community groups who have completed MEP training courses are able to access on-going support. Support may come in the form of demonstrations to teachers and organisations new to its philosophy, on-site teacher coaching, refresher training and curriculum planning.

Teachers who have engaged in MEP training and coaching for many years are encouraged to coach other teachers in their own schools. Teachers from the ACT school system have both worked for, and been trained by the MEP intensively, so that their skills and experience might be fed back into the education system. 

Susan continues to engage with tertiary students as a guest lecturer (such as the recent lecture series at University Of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand).  She also works with higher degree by research (HDR) students who produce peer-reviewed papers and industry articles with outcomes that can immediately be trialled and implemented within the wider community. Many students (both graduate and undergraduate) continue to volunteer within the MEP simply for the fun of engaging in music with their community. 

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Feedback from Teachers:

I feel so inspired. I want to go to school tomorrow to get kids singing. I feel confident to do that with the songs sung in workshop. I’m also very eager to tap into the wider programme and visit age homes.

(Generalist Primary School teacher)

It’s not just therapeutic for our kids. Working in our school can be fun, exciting but also tough mentally…we all look forward to singing and releasing the week’s stress.

(Teacher at a school for children with disabilities)

This is probably the most important learning that I have ever experienced as a music educator and I think it should be made available to more and more teachers. 

(Primary school music specialist teacher)

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