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- Susan West -

"We don't need to teach children to participate in music making; we simply need to avoid sabotaging their natural inclination to do so."


Selected Compositions and Resources
Selected Research Publications 

Oh Beethoven!

A collection of the composer's themes with added lyrics describing aspects of his life and work. The aim of the work is to introduce children to Beethoven's music and life in an enjoyable and unthreatening way. The lyrics allow for an expanded discussion of his life, and the short, interconnected themes are easy for the children to assimilate. Contact Dr West for information about 'Oh Beethoven!'.



A song composed in commemoration of the ANZACs. Hear the song performed by Susan and Georgia Pike here. Hear the song performed by kindergarten-year 2 students at a local school here.   Contact Dr West for information about 'Gallipoli'.

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