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Susan West, B.Mus, M.Ed, Ph.D

Dr Susan West is an award winning educator, musician, composer and arranger with over forty years’ experience developing pre-tertiary music programs and post-graduate teacher-training.  Dr West developed the Music Outreach Principle, a philosophy of shared altruistic music making, which formed the foundation of her Music Engagement Program established in Canberra, Australia. Her philosophy and approaches are now used across the globe, particularly in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and New York State.  

Guest Lecture Series
 Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
10-12 March 2020
Research in Music Education Conference
Paper presentation, Bath, United Kingdom,
23-26 April 2019


String Project Canberra
Collaboration with Dr Lauren Davis, hosted at Charles Sturt University ACT campus
July 3-5 2020

Highlights from the Archive

The String Project

Susan's philosophy prioritises the social importance of shared music making over skill development and traditional notions of ‘talent’. The String Project is the first documented attempt to apply this philosophy to instrumental playing.



A song composed in commemoration of the ANZACs. Hear the song performed by Susan and Georgia Pike here. Hear the song performed by kindergarten-year 2 students at a local school here.

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